Life is lovely and mysterious and capturing its mystery as a photographer feeds my soul. 

Light inspires me as it ethereally changes throughout the day, affecting our moods and bringing whatever it touches to life. 


I have been privileged to photograph weddings over the last twelve years in New York and California. It has been a great adventure exploring the differences in light and geography of these two vastly different while both stunning regions.


I love to hear your creative vision for your wedding day, especially the mood and magic you want to convey. Capturing these feelings is my passion, and I will be doing prep work ahead of time to know the lighting and atmosphere of your venue well enough to work seamlessly and creatively throughout your day. 

I am currently photographing weddings in the Toronto and Kawartha Lakes regions of Canada. I look forward to capturing your the moment!



kawartha lakes & toronto wedding photographer 

 images copyright michelle neumayer photography 2021